Extended Fall Departure Tips

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Tips before you leave for the fall

Stop or forward mail and paper service – try to get this done at least 7 days before your departure day.

If leaving for the entire fall/winter, notify your cable, satellite, telephone, and Internet providers to put your service on hold.

Set automatic timers for indoor lights and try to use more than one. Payson Home Watch will change these times at least once a month.

Turn down/off water heater. Reset thermostats to 40-45 degrees, depending on what you are leaving in the home, (certain works of art, plants).

Replace back-up batteries in thermostats, security systems, fire alarms/smoke detectors, and automatic irrigation systems (usually inside box behind timer face).

If you are leaving a vehicle in the garage, disconnect the battery. If you are leaving a golf cart, put water in the battery. Payson Home Watch will start your vehicle, golf cart on a regular basis to energize the battery. With your permission, we will also drive them around the block to round out the tires. With a little wisdom and TLC your expensive golf cart batteries stand a better chance of survival and will be ready for your next round of golf.

Did you know that golf cart battery charges can catch on fire? Weekly Payson Home Watch visits can spot a battery charger in trouble and sometimes get it repaired before the charger itself is beyond repair.

Arrange for landscape service if you don’t already have them. Payson Home Watch has a list of licensed, bonded and insured landscape companies.

If you empty your refrigerator of food, leave the condiments and put bottles of water in the refrigerator. A nearly empty refrigerator uses more energy than a full one. Turn off the ice maker and dump the ice.

Arrange for Payson Home Watch to enter your home weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to run faucets/toilets/shower water, verify that your landscape service is being properly performed, check thermostat operation, and observe the indoor and outdoor premises for anything unusual.

Then you can relax and enjoy your fall!!

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