Temperature for your unoccupied winter home

The best temperature for your unoccupied winter home in the Payson area is 50 degrees.  This will keep your home warm enough to prevent pipes from freezing, allow circulation in your home and prevent wasting energy. Having Payson Home Watch provide systematic interior and exterior home checks is the best way to ensure your temperature
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When to change your home heating and air filters

Have you ever wondered how often you should change the heating and air conditioning filters in your home? Changing furnace and return air filters is critical to the proper performance of your HVAC system, not to mention your home’s air quality. Studies show that indoor air pollution is one of the top five environmental health
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Holiday package delivery tips

With the holidays in full swing, delivery of packages to homes and businesses are high. Here’s a few tips from Payson Home Watch to make sure your packages are delivered safely and decrease the changes of theft. USPS: Take advantage of the Request Hold Mail service. Your mail will be kept safely at your local Post
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Money well spent ~ Hiring licensed, bonded & insured companies

When a person is looking to hire someone to do work at his home, one of the first questions that comes up should be whether the contractor is licensed, bonded and insured. This means the worker or company has all of the proper state and local permits to perform the work, discloses if the company
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Preparing Your Fireplace or Woodstove for Winter

**  Now through the end of October, our Key Holding Services are 50% off!! When winterizing their homes, most people are start with the furnace (as they should), but they often forget all those other heat-producing devices throughout their homes. Every fireplace, woodstove, or space heater should be inspected prior to the first winter usage.
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Key Holding Service – Fall Special 50% off!!

FALL SPECIAL ~ Our Key Holding Services are 50% off now. Regular rate is $45.00 for six months, now until the end of October only $22.50! This applies to Payson and the surrounding communities. Payson Home Watch provides a dependable contact while you are away. Leaving a key with your neighbor, friend or relative is not
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